Sebastian Franckenhaeuser

I am a determined and energetic native Finn originally from Helsinki, who has been able to gain expertise in many fields. By my nature and my skills I am a co-operative and human-centric multi-talent. I want to drive forward with style even the hardest things

I have a wide-ranging and mature vision, and I take the needs of people of different ages into account. I respect Finnish values and I am keen to promote the common good. Issues and different opinions need to be possible to be discussed – always taking into consideration the views of others.

Sebastian Franckenhaeuser
Sebastian Franckenhaeuser

I have a strong commercial education and many years of experience of performing well in business. In addition I am very familiar with the field of rescue and would like to offer my skills for the benefit of my hometown. Investing in rescue is extremely important.

One of the most important themes is preserving a sense of security in our capital. We all have to have a chance to move about in our hometown in peace, regardless of the time of day. I want to ensure that the safe passage and living will remain as before in Helsinki.

  • Municipal tax rate should be lower

  • Safe Helsinki

  • Driving is one mode of transportation among others. I am not in favor of city boulevards or congestion charges.

  • Helsinki need a vibrant economy and new jobs

Who can vote?

You can vote in Finland in the municipal elections on 13 June 2021 if you are 18 years or older and meet the following requirements:

  • Finnish, EU or Nordic nationals: you are registered as resident a minimum of 51 days before the elections

  • Other nationalities: you have been registered in Finland for over 2 years